Last year I was finishing up a sweet project for another pop client when one of my kids started rocking out to a pop punk track on their phone.

My first thought was “I thought pop punk was dead?!” Haha

Regardless, one of my teenagers had found something new to them and it brought me back to my early teenage years of playing in bands of various genres.

One of those genres… Pop Punk!

Career wise I’ve sadly never recorded or mixed bands similar to what I grew up playing and listening to. This got me thinking how I might perform in this genre and it sent me on the look for some multitracks to practice on.

Sure enough, I found some sick tracks. Even better, I found someone who specialized in the genre and gave his teaching a good look.

That mentor is Jordan Valeriote and his site is called Hardcore Music Studio.

Long story short, I downloaded some tracks and spent about 2 hours working my way through a mix for the song “We Agree” by the band Burst and Bloom.

What a blast!

Here’s a quick before vs after of my mix compared to the dry unprocessed tracks:

Here’s my full mix:

I have to admit, my first couple of hours delivered decent results but I knew that I needed some genre-specific help.

I began to watch Jordan’s tutorials on YouTube and came back a few days later to revise the mix based on my knew found lessons.

What. A. Difference.

The mix you hear above took a total of 3 hours with the last hour being simply corrective EQ work and some minor genre-specific techniques based on things I learned from Jordan’s free stuff on YouTube.

Needless to say, I’m a fan.

I’ve connected with Jordan a bit in the past and have since reached out to build that relationship further. In fact, reaching out has paid off for not just me personally, but now I can share that Jordan has given me permission to share the full set of multitracks for this song with you for free!

Follow these instructions for the free multitracks and a bonus download from TMA:

  1. Sign up for Jordan’s free 3 video series here. (Click here to sign up for the free video series)

2. Leave a comment on the landing page…

3. Take a screenshot of your comment. (On mac hit command + shift + 3 // See this article for PC)

4. Email your screenshot to me

That’s it! A few super simple steps and I’ll reply personally with your multitracks AND a special bonus download.

I’m pumped to share these valuable resources with you. Jordan’s the real deal and I know you’re going to learn a TON from him!

Please feel free to leave a comment or reach out directly with any questions. Oh… I almost forgot… I’ll have a full mix breakdown of my mix available soon for some very lucky people. Keep your eyes peeled for how to gain access to that soon as well!

Happy mixing!

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