Today, we’re talking drums!

I love mixing drums… Honestly, I’m a guitarist so that naturally makes me a frustrated drummer. Lol!

Mixing the drums is my chance to make the skins sound awesome so I tend to spend quite a bit of time working through whatever I need to do to make the drums stand out.

In today’s video we’ll focus in on helping a sterile snare sample come to life in the mix for Maxx Lucky’s “It’s Not You”.

Click here to download these multitracks and mix it for yourself!

Want to see my full mix breakdown where I show you exactly what I’ve done to each individual track?

Click here to purchase the Maxx Lucky “It’s Not You” mix breakdown!

4 thoughts on “Add Life to a Replaced Snare Drum — Ghost Notes & Bleed Mics”

  1. Thank you David, This is so awesome. I’ve been using trigger for some time now and didn’t know about the range feature. You are the best. I hope you are doing great.
    All the best, Alex

  2. Northern Christian Recording

    hey David, awesome tutorial as usual. I’ve set up my template to take advantage of Triggers de bleed function (where you bus the bleed elements to each other shell track and it omits triggering them) and I’ve actually gotten a perfect trigger on everything in real time, even when ghost notes were quieter than the bleed! It’s actually stunning how well it works, but the setup isn’t for the faint of heart lol. I know from the past, that you definitely aren’t daunted by routing or tricky setups, so you may want to look into that to simplify work in the future especially when it comes to tracks with lots of ghost notes. When it’s all rigged properly, it basically comes down to tweaking a few bus sends and you’re done 🙂

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