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We’re super pumped to both launch our new mixing livestream and announce our latest giveaway featuring the incredibly powerful Music Production Suite Pro Bundle from our friends at iZotope.

To enter, click below and complete at least one of the entry options.

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26 thoughts on “NEW GIVEAWAY! Featuring iZotope’s Music Production Suite Pro”

  1. Hi there! Thanks for this opportunity, your website is awesome!

    I basically play guitar and bass, but I’m working on the mixes of my band, I have a lot of progress to make 😉

  2. I bought the Isotope bundle give away in December and it completely changed the way i mix and master vocals could really use this bundle even more

  3. Isotope has really great tools…very helpful. The Mix Academy is a great source for learning! One of the best out there….

  4. I’ve used the Izotope a lot for cleaning drums to get clear samples of kicks and snares for reference and also to get rid of reverb to get to know the source material. It’s an amazing tool, would love to use the whole Suite

  5. All fantastic stuff to work with to learn on, to learn from, to keep on learning…..productively! But, I never expect to win, it would be nice, but it never happens……we are all but forgotten about up here north of the border in good old Canada, I guess we are “too nice” to “too thankful” well……WHAT THE F&$K EVER!! JUST BECAUSE A MAN KNOWS HIS MANNERS AND OPENS THE DOORS FOR STRANGERS DOES NOT MEAN HE IS INCAPABLE OF ROCKIN’ THE F@&k OUT!!

    So, that being said I have entered again….good luck everyone!


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