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Hey, Friends! The time has come for another Behind The Glass FREE Mixing Event!

This time around, I want YOU to pick the song. Please give a listen to the following tracks and then vote for the song you’d like us to mix in the next Behind The Glass live event.

Click here to register for the free live event!

Gospel – Dr. Tumi “Great Shepherd”

Indie/Rock – Sam Sharples “Security Measures”

Pop – PRiiMe “Lil Bit Longer”

Indie/Rock – Thomas Donoghue “Enso”

Pop – Jeremy Rosado “Mystery”

Pop – Jeremy Rosado “Rewind”

Pop – Sam Rodriguez “Standing Tall”

Pop – Sam Rodriguez “The Way That We Were”

Pop/Punk – Burst & Bloom “We Agree”

Pop/Rock – Ash Gale “We Got the Fire”

Reggae – Sankofa

Rock – Luna Amara “Ești tu”

Click here to register for the free live event!

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