The Mix Academy Giveaway February 2020

I’m excited to announce our first giveaway of 2020! To kick off a slew of giveaways this year we’re going all out with our Never Pay Again Bundle, the Radio-Ready Mix Bundle, and a handful of additional courses to ensure multiple chances for you to win. We’re also featuring a free mix session with David Glenn ($1,000 value!) and a mastering session from each of our friends Joey Fernandez and… Read More »The Mix Academy Giveaway February 2020

5 Foundational Techniques for Mixing Drums (Includes Free Multitracks)

Did you know there are steps to mixing awesome drum sounds before ever reaching for an EQ or compressor?  What if I told you that your drum mixes may be lackluster because you’re skipping out on some foundational techniques?  Today, I’m going to share 5 crucial techniques to help you mix killer drums before you’ve even touched an EQ or compressor. Organize the Tracks the Same Way Every Time No… Read More »5 Foundational Techniques for Mixing Drums (Includes Free Multitracks)

Drum Automation Masterclass with David Glenn

Mixes that sit still are boring. Drums within mixes that sit still are even worse. In this video, Producer/Engineer David Glenn walks you through his process for creating excitement and adding dynamics to a set of programmed drums. Want to take your drum mixing to the next level? Check out Mixing Drums (on sale this week only) –> Mixing Drums

How to Finish a Mix

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a mix with no real finish in sight? Yeah… Me too. More often than I’d like! In today’s video, I’ll show you how I regroup and establish focus to take a mix to the finish line.