Inside the Mix with David Glenn — Fight For Me By Dr. Tumi

My good friend and incredibly talented Gospel artist out of South Africa, Dr. Tumi recently came to me for yet another beautiful track called “Fight For Me” and today I want to give you an inside look at some of the techniques and processing I used to bring this mix to life. Before we breakdown the mix here’s the video Dr. Tumi released about an hour after we finished hitting… Read More »Inside the Mix with David Glenn — Fight For Me By Dr. Tumi

Mixing Low End with The Low End Mixing Trick

Last night I was on the phone with my Mastering Engineer and good friend, Joey Fernandez and I asked him what the most common mix problems are that he has to address in mastering. His response? Low end management! Here’s a video where I breakdown my low end referencing technique. I hope it helps you make huge progress with your low end asap. I’d love to hear what you think… Read More »Mixing Low End with The Low End Mixing Trick

NEW GIVEAWAY! Featuring iZotope’s Music Production Suite Pro

We’re super pumped to both launch our new mixing livestream and announce our latest giveaway featuring the incredibly powerful Music Production Suite Pro Bundle from our friends at iZotope. To enter, click below and complete at least one of the entry options. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mixing Jeremy Rosado’s Full EP [Live Stream Replay]

Back in 2018 I had the privilege of mixing American Idol finalist, Jeremy Rosado’s debut EP. With Jeremy’s permission I streamed just about the entire process live on YouTube. See below for the full set of videos! If you want to see the full list of videos, simply click the icon in the top right of the video player.

Add Life to a Replaced Snare Drum — Ghost Notes & Bleed Mics

Today, we’re talking drums! I love mixing drums… Honestly, I’m a guitarist so that naturally makes me a frustrated drummer. Lol! Mixing the drums is my chance to make the skins sound awesome so I tend to spend quite a bit of time working through whatever I need to do to make the drums stand out. In today’s video we’ll focus in on helping a sterile snare sample come to… Read More »Add Life to a Replaced Snare Drum — Ghost Notes & Bleed Mics

Free Rock Multitracks and Bonus Snare Samples

Last year I was finishing up a sweet project for another pop client when one of my kids started rocking out to a pop punk track on their phone. My first thought was “I thought pop punk was dead?!” Haha Regardless, one of my teenagers had found something new to them and it brought me back to my early teenage years of playing in bands of various genres. One of… Read More »Free Rock Multitracks and Bonus Snare Samples

The Mix Academy Giveaway February 2020

AND THE WINNERS ARE: Never Pay Again Bundle: Christopher Sundh Radio-Ready Bundle: Giovanni Lapolla and Jim Smerk Mixing Drums & Drum Replacement Bundle: Dmitry Bastov, Ron Shelton, and Antonio Medina Fernández Mixing Low End Workshop: Carlos Madrid, David Williams, and Matt Champine If you won and haven’t already received your prizes, please check your spam folder or email us here. To be considered for the free mix and masters, please… Read More »The Mix Academy Giveaway February 2020

5 Foundational Techniques for Mixing Drums (Includes Free Multitracks)

Did you know there are steps to mixing awesome drum sounds before ever reaching for an EQ or compressor?  What if I told you that your drum mixes may be lackluster because you’re skipping out on some foundational techniques?  Today, I’m going to share 5 crucial techniques to help you mix killer drums before you’ve even touched an EQ or compressor. Organize the Tracks the Same Way Every Time No… Read More »5 Foundational Techniques for Mixing Drums (Includes Free Multitracks)

Drum Automation Masterclass with David Glenn

Mixes that sit still are boring. Drums within mixes that sit still are even worse. In this video, Producer/Engineer David Glenn walks you through his process for creating excitement and adding dynamics to a set of programmed drums. Want to take your drum mixing to the next level? Check out Mixing Drums (on sale this week only) –> Mixing Drums