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Behind The Glass – Song Selection 2022

Hey, Friends! The time has come for another Behind The Glass FREE Mixing Event! This time around, I want YOU to pick the song. Please give a listen to the following tracks and then vote for the song you’d like us to mix in the next Behind The Glass live event. Click here to register for the free live event! Gospel – Dr. Tumi “Great Shepherd” Indie/Rock – Sam Sharples… Read More »Behind The Glass – Song Selection 2022

NEW GIVEAWAY! From Slate Digital and The Mix Academy

I’m pumped to announce that we’ve teamed up with Slate Digital to give away their All-Access Pass (annual license) to three lucky winners. If you’re sick of spending hundreds or even thousands of your hard-earned money each year then the All-Access Pass is a no-brainer of a deal. You’ll get instant access to over $5,000 of the industry’s best plug-ins FREE for one month with their brand new 30-day free… Read More »NEW GIVEAWAY! From Slate Digital and The Mix Academy

How to Remove Snare and Cymbal BLEED from Toms with THE TOM TRICK

I’ve been talking about The Tom Trick for years now. Here’s the kicker: I revised and improved it, and I found a tool that makes going about removing snare and cymbal bleed from your tom tracks a breeze.Manual is still the way to go for ultimate transparency, but hey…the 80/20 rule applies to music as well.

How to FINISH a MIX Part 2 of 3 — Vocal Automation

Vocal automation. Love it or hate it, no plugin can, as of right now, do what our ears and hearts can do: bring out the emotion of a vocal performance. Automation can do that, and much more. Watch the video to see how I approach vocal automation, and why spending an hour or more on it is definitely worth it.

How to Start a Mix – Mix Prep

Here it is: my up-to-date approach to doing mix prep. You’ll learn what goes through my head as I hear the raw tracks I’m about to mix, how I go about doing gain staging, and much more.If you’ve watched my previous video on this topic, you’ll get to see what changed and what stayed the same.

Want some Free Multitracks?

For a limited time, I’m offering two inside look tutorials and a sweet bundle of resume-friendly multitracks (multiple genres) to new subscribers.